2023 Award Winners

2023 Awards

2023 awards

The Guernsey Property and Construction Awards dinner was held at St Pierre Park on the 22nd of September, 2023.

The awards are to celebrate the Property & Construction industry in Guernsey, an industry that has had the hardest of challenges in recent times and is so deserving of being celebrated and recognised. The dinner was a sold-out event with 240 people in attendance. Organiser Karen Solway was delighted with the number of nominations and the attendance of the dinner,  having the industry together for a great night of celebration.  This year’s judging panel consisted of 9 people, 3 of the sponsors, 2 from local professional bodies, 2 completely independent, and 2 from the UK Association of Project Management. This year’s Gold sponsor was DHS. Silver Sponsors: Sheppard’s Estate Agents, Sandra Robinson, CIOB, Duquemin & Ozanne & the Association of Project Management.

Awards and judging

The judging panel independently scored each of the nominees, giving our overall winners, with the organiser being the only person who knew the winners.

2023 the award categories are:-

  • Rising Star Award – The winner is  Jordon Mechem – Swan Joinery
  • Property Agent of the Year – The Winner is  Savills
  • Industry Supplier of the Year – The Winner is Peace Garden  at Les Cotils – CCD Architects
  • Construction Professional of the Year – The winner is Andrew Stuart – Infinity
  • Hardscaping/Landscaping Company of the Year – The winner is Peace Garden  at Les Cotils – CCD Architects
  • Best Small Project up to £300k – The winner is St Johns Church – Stuart Pearce, CCD Limited
  • Engineering Project of the Year – Joint winners  Infinity Deck Balcony – Studi-O  & Le Coquere  – NSP foundations
  • Lifetime Achievement Award – The winner is Andrew Dyke  –  CCD Architects
  • Best Large Project over £300k  – The winner is The Bathing Pools, Viva La Villette – DLM

The nine awards were presented throughout the evening.  The chosen Charity was Guernsey Wooden Spoon, and £2,269.00 was raised.

The evening, a great success, also had entertainment in the form of a roving caricaturist, and the evening finished with Underdog playing out the night.

Award Categories

Award category - Rising Star Award

Rising Star

The future of the property and construction industry in Guernsey is dependent on the development and commitment of new talented individuals in today’s businesses.


The winner  is  Jordon Mechem – Swan Joinery

Jordon exudes confidence, having already gained experience in door installation and many other key areas of carpentry and joinery trade prior to enrolling in college. His unwavering determination to attain the highest possible standards has been a consistent driving force throughout his course, achieving Distinctions throughout. Jordon has achieved some excellent results on the national stage. Recently he has won second place in the carpenter’s craft and came first regionally. He also came second in the regional skill build competition at Preston College.

This year’s nominees are Clement Le Pelley (CA Duquemin),  Jordon Mechem (Swan Joinery) and Oliver Toussaint (DLM Architects)

Industry Supplier Of The Year

This award was to recognise the supplier that consistently demonstrate their commitment and professionalism in servicing the industry. Looking for a company ethos that embodies a sense of being a team player with a “can do, will do” attitude and an understanding of the client’s needs and expectations. Able to evidence high standards of work across a range of products/projects.

The Winner is DHS

The Nominees were Annadale, Cappelles Building Supplier, CDS, DHS, Norman Piette,  Sarnia Electrical, The Chrome Company and Yesss Electrical.

Award category - Industry Supplier Of The Year
Award category - Construction Professional Of The Year

Construction Professional Of The Year

The nominees needed to demonstrate commitment to the long-term future of the industry, the community, and their clients. By winning this category, the individual will have proved him/herself to be not necessarily the biggest or most prominent individual within the industry.


The winner is Andrew Stuart – Infinity

A commitment to supporting future generations stood out clearly, dedicated to the industry and great career progression. Commitment to ongoing professional development. Investing in the future generation of construction. Worked from the ground up as a labourer, college, university, site manager, etc.  Evidently committed, with a good track record of personal and knowledge development.  Described as a gifted manager of personnel. A great example of someone who has worked hard and grown into a well-respected professional in his trade

Nominees were: Alex  McIver (JW Rihoy – now self-employed), Alun Hubert (MH Construction), Andrew Stuart (Infinity), and Jack Ferbrache (CA Duquemin – now self-employed).

Engineering Project Of The Year

The project demonstrated its success through teamwork and collaboration. The role of good project management in the process of completing the project.  Demonstrated the benefit of the project to a business, a critical infrastructure item or a community project. High standards of work should be highlighted under the challenges of the project. The project might not be the biggest but will clearly demonstrate how to work as a team.

The Judges could not decide between them, so we had joint winners.


Infinity Deck Balcony – Studi-O

A challenging balcony extension with awkward architectural demands, and beautiful and innovative design, brought to life with teamwork and collaboration across multiple specialists to achieve an elegant outcome that respects the local surroundings. High-quality finish an excellent project.   The simplicity of the result conceals the effort involved. 


Le Coquere  – NSP foundations

Dedication and commitment to a challenging project. Problem-solving was required due to site restrictions. Collaboration between engineers and geotechnical experts. A technically very demanding site, with a great deal of creative thinking and expertise required.  Use of advanced off-island kit, which will contribute to expertise on the island.  A small but highly challenging project due to space and access constraints.

The Nominees were: Infinity Deck Balcony (Studi-O), Le Coquere (NSP foundations), Le Grande Mare Demolition (Ravenscroft Construction) and Little Chapel (CA Duquemin).


Award category - Engineering Project Of The Year
Award category -Property Professional Of The Year

Property Professional Of The Year

The winner will have demonstrated team working from parties such as the client, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors or supplier, with high levels of service.


The Winner is  Savills

Attention to detail despite being part of a UK chain but their professional approach transcends perfectly across Guernsey, highly knowledgeable within the sector.                  

Nominees :-  Chateaux,  Maison and Savills.

Landscaping Project Of The Year

This award demonstrated the fantastic landscaping and horticultural projects that are being regularly undertaken in Guernsey and showcased companies and individuals striving to produce outstanding work within our local community.


The Winner: The Peace Garden at Les Cotils (CCD Architects)

Conceived as a public sanctuary; for people recovering from physical or mental ill health, those with autism and dementia, for example, or just as a restorative outdoor space to pray, be inspired, and enjoy the natural world’s sounds, textures and colours.  A very tranquil spot location. Beautifully designed with the purpose of helping the community. Good to see social and environmental thinking coming together using charitable funding.

Nominees:- Grange Court (Garden Guru), La Trigale (Ravenscroft Construction Limited), Peace Garden  at Les Cotils (CCD Architects) and The Willows (Gary Rich).

Award category - Landscaping Project Of The Year
Award category - Best Small Project

Best Small Project (Up To £300k)

Nominees needed to demonstrate the teamwork involved between all involved parties, such as the client, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.


The Winner is St Johns Church – Stuart Pearce (CCD Limited)

A great project on important community building, with a wide combination of challenges and skills. Impressive work, Brilliant craftsmanship. A good example of collaboration across multiple local crafts. The craftsmanship appears notable, and the conservation skills are worthy of merit.  Significant challenges were overcome, and the results will be of high value to the community who use the church. 

The nominees were: Island Games Water Feature (JGA), Pres de Sable (Doug Langlois – PF+A), St Johns Church (Stuart Pearce – CCD Limited)

Best Large Project (Over £300k)

The nominations demonstrated the teamwork involved between all involved parties, such as the client, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.  Applications were submitted by one of the involved parties on behalf of the project as a whole, a project that was completed from January 2022 to July 2023 with a total budget of over £300,000.  For new-build projects, renovations (commercial and residential) and conversions.


The Winner is The Bathing Pools, Viva La Villette (DLM)

The Shortlist in alphabetical order

  • La Fosse
  • L’aumone Medical Centre
  • Super Group
  • The Bathing Pools
  • Upgrade Fitness

The presenter of this award was Adam Boddison OBE, Association of Project Management.

List of nominees

  • Admiral Park – Phase 1 (Lovell Ozanne)
  • Amherst Place – renovate Georgian House (JGA)
  • The Art Centre – Charity Gallery (JW Rihoy)
  • Frances House – Office Refurbishment (Field Day & Ravenscroft)
  • La Fosse Cottage – Renovation, extension and Landscaping (Studi-O)
  • L’aumone Medical Centre – the new medical centre (CCD)
  • Le Menage – 26 home development (Ravenscroft Construction)
  • Pandora Hotel – renovation of the hotel (CA Duquemin)
  • Super Group – The design and building of new office premises (POS)
  • The Bathing Pools – Viva La Villette (DLM)
  • The Willows – build and landscaping of private residence (Gary Rich)
  • Upgrade Fitness – warehouse to a gym (Ravenscroft Construction)
  • Wellington Clos – Housing development (MH Construction)
Award category - Best Large Project
Award category - Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award

This prestigious and popular award and its purpose is to recognise a ‘lifetime achievement ’. This is not necessarily an industry heavyweight but someone who has made a significant contribution to the local industry at any level over a significant period.


The winner is Andrew Dyke (CCD Architects)

Ultimate commitment with a focus on preserving Guernsey’s history. An icon in the industry with a hefty portfolio of private and public works.  Retired, but still vocal. Impeccable credentials and reputation.

Congratulations to all the nominees for their dedication to the industry; all are very deserving of recognition.

The Nominees were  Andrew Dyke  (CCD Architects), Geoff Simon (CA Duquemin), Ken Tailby (Timber Treatments), Ross Paisley (Lovell Ozanne) and Simon Van Der Tang (Tarmac Services).

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